Welcome to KX


Do you feel like you can take yourself and your life in any direction you wish to go? I believe every human has the potential, every moment and every day, to live more meaningfully, more happily, more freely.

It’s strange because as of this post I live in the same apartment, have the same job, and do similar activities as I did a few years ago, but my way of life is shifting.

I’m learning that one of the best gifts we can give ourselves is to take full responsibility for our lives. We create our own realities, while accepting that nothing is fully in our control. A mindset that is both empowering and freeing.

It’s the opposite of feeling stuck, of not liking who or where you are, of not knowing where to go.

With this blog I hope to share knowledge & inspiration and connect with those of us who want to become the best versions of ourselves. Who are bold dreamers who believe in the life they want to live. And in living authentically, making the world better too.

I believe it starts with the heart and mind - in cultivating good habits and choices from the inside, while manifesting your most beautiful life.

Let’s live awesomely!