This blog is a resource for the life-long learner, the child-at-heart, the dreamer, the modern soul - who seeks to live at her best with happiness, peace, and freedom. And by doing so, making the world a better place as well.

Heart-centered & mind-focused

Here, you can find practical knowledge and inspiration for creating a positive & purposeful lifestyle, including building good habits, cultivating self-love & compassion, developing your mindset, and manifesting your dreams.


My name is Krystal and I’m a blogger in California. I became passionate about personal + spiritual growth and lifestyle design after going through highly stressful school and college years.

Even after graduating and getting the job I wanted in sunny Los Angeles, I still found myself dealing with stress, depression, and a negative mindset. In school I was taught how to enter the workforce, but not how to live. To be happy, positively impact the world, and live with no regrets, I needed to figure out what a fulfilling lifestyle means to me, and it had to start from the inside.

While reading books and learning from those who have “been there, done that” - and from my own experience - I saw patterns in how happy, generous, and fulfilled people live. A lot of things seem rooted in similar wisdom - of being present, of cultivating a beneficial mindset, of consistent action, etc. We just need to do the work, and so far I’ve seen a change in my life, a shift from a helpless mentality to one where I feel empowered to create my dream life.

This blog is dedicated to sharing what I learn as a student of life and ways to create your most fulfilling life.

I believe we always have the choice to change for the better, and that our moments shape our days and ultimately our existence. Let’s do our best! 🌟